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Maximize your time — get an online SMSF audit.

Let’s agree on a specific date and time for your online SMSF audit. Until then, use all the time available to prepare your super. 

Technology on Our Side

Our online SMSF audit service is powered by a cloud-based system that allows you do submit your documents from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. If you're pressed for time, contact us immediately, and let's set a feasible time and date for your online SMSF audit. Then, use all the time available to prepare your self-managed superannuation fund.

What SMSF software are you using? No need to worry, as our ASIC-registered auditors are proficient in all major SMSF software available in the market.

No Audit Job Too Small

Trustees and Fund Members will experience the same quality of service that we accord to large firms and SMSF professionals. How do we do this? Our work philosophy is really simple— every single SMSF demands our utmost care and attention. Our strategy is to be extremely efficient with one, so we can be efficient in all. Whether its retail or high-volume audit jobs, our clients are assured of outstanding service that’s truly worth their hard-earned money.

Personalised Service, Reasonable Cost

Tell us your requirements and we’ll work our way around it. Having audited thousands of SMSFs for over 30 years, we’re sure to suggest options to address your concerns. We provide transparent and fixed-fee audit structures that leave no room for hidden charges.

Our Social Responsibility

The people behind AAA Auditors are passionate advocates of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) superannuation fund. It is a great way for us to secure our retirement years. We are proud to be working in an industry that promotes the welfare of fellow Australians.

Online SMSF audit — the preferred option of Trustees and Fund Members.

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